Kits M5

Original accessories from the technology leader

Stylus kits are the ideal initial equipment for your coordinate measuring machine. Inspired by our own experience - designed to enhance your measuring experience: our stylus kits contain a variety of carefully selected components for the assembly of styli systems. All parts of the stylus kits are standard pieces and individually available.

Kit: basic

Basic assortment for start-up, 13 pcs.

Kit: standard

Basic assortment of styli, extensions and tooling, 23 pcs.

Kit: advanced

Extended assortment for a bigger variety, 41 pcs.

Kit: professional

Professional assortment for high flexibility, 53 pcs.

Kit: expert

Stylus system kit for experts to build up complex stylus Systems, 80 pcs.

Kit for star styli

Star stylus kit, styli without thread or with M5 styli, 35 pcs.

Kit for star styli with styli M3 XXT

Stylus kit to build up star styli with M3 XXT, 37 pcs.

Kit with disc styli

Stylus kit with disc styli, 12 pcs.

Kit: ThermoFit® standard

Styli and extension kit with ThermoFit® extensions and styli, 25 pcs.

Kit: ThermoFit® professional

Styli and extension kit with ThermoFit® extensions, 59 pcs.

Extension kit ThermoFit® DGE11

ThermoFit® extensions DGE 11, 11 pcs.

Extension kit ThermoFit® DGE20

ThermoFit® extensions DGE20, 14 pcs.

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