Diamond!Scan® styli

Scanning extreme materials

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Diamond styli for extreme scanning applications.
M3XXT full diamond styli for exteme applications.

There will be no aluminum build up on spheres made of the hardest material of the world

The most common used styli in coordinate measuring machines do have a ruby sphere. If ruby gets in contact with different, soft materials like aluminum alloy, some material from the workpiece will build up on the ruby surface. This effect will be intensified on frequent contact.


  • You save time and money with Diamond!Scan.
  • Time-intensive checks, cleaning work and calibrations are a thing of the past.
  • Ultra-precise and reliable measurements.

You can choose between our solid diamond styli, diamond-coated styli and monolithic styli with diamond coating.

Reliable Under the Hardest Measurement Tasks

Would you like to measure hard components such as ceramics or other hard surface components? Then we recommend our solid diamond stylus, which is highly durable and does not get worn out even when exposed to hard materials. As a result, you can always rely on the measurement results. You can count on the solid diamond stylus even at single point probing with heavily concentrated load. In short:  we strongly advise our solid diamond Diamond!Scan® for the hardest measurement tasks.

Precise Measurement without Material Build-up

Diamond-coated styli are composed of a ceramic sphere coated with diamond. They are especially suitable for scanning soft materials. This ensures that no material from the workpiece is deposited on the sphere. Another advantage is that coated styli have higher levels of roundness with less than 150 nm and are consequently more precise at a significantly lower price.

Seamless Styli

Diamond!Scan® Mono is a monolithic stylus with diamond coating. This means that the sphere and stylus are produced from one piece. This solution has several advantages: no matter whether the diameter (DK) is 0,3 or 10 or whether it  is 22m or 200m long - you can now order your diamond-coated stylus with different diameters and lengths. Moreover, there is no risk that the sphere breaks off, as the stylus is made ‘seamless’. Furthermore, the advantages of the diamond-coated stylus also apply for the Diamond!Scan® Mono: The  stylus is especially suitable for applications with soft materials such as aluminum or titanium and is a cheaper alternative to a solid diamond stylus.


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