Vice kit


Vice kit

Produit n°: 626109-9220-410
designed for DuraMax RT

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The vice kit for DuraMax RT consists of the following components:

1x centrally clamping vice (626109-0045-000)

1x jaw set 1 (626109-0045-001)
Internal clamping: 76 to 160 mm Ø
External clamping: 15 to 139 mm Ø Weight: 0.26 kg

1x jaw set 2 (626109-0045-002)
Internal clamping: 55 to 142 mm Ø
External clamping: 1 to 85 mm Ø

1x jaw set 4 (626109-0045-004)
Internal clamping: 25 to 113 mm Ø

1x pallet THETA RT for vice (626109-9220-310)

1x reference sphere DK25 (600332-8445-000)

1x hex-wrench set (626109-0043-000)

The centrally clamping vice is made of black anodized aluminum. The vice has a low overall height and a weight of only 1.26 kg (without jaws). The guided path for each of the slides is 50 mm. The centering pin can be removed, so that it can also be used on other rotary tables or pallets without a centering hole.

The jaw sets consist of two form jaws which are made of steel and gunmetal-finished. The jaws are surface-hardened.

The interchangeable pallet with a diameter of 190 mm is made of aluminum and bright anodized. The interchangeable pallet has three different rubber feet by means of which the pallet is indexed. There is also a centering hole on the interchangeable pallet for easy use. The lightweight interchangeable pallet weighs 0.88 kg and can be used to mount the workpiece outside the sensitive rotary table, so that this is not damaged.

The reference sphere DK25 is used to calibrate the rotary table axes. It is screwed directly into the M6 hole in the interchangeable pallet, diameter 190 mm for DuraMax RT. The reference sphere is factory-calibrated and is supplied with the respective certificate.

The hex wrench set consists of AF6 for fixing the vise on the interchangeable pallet and AF5 for the interchangeable jaws and the vise spindle. The centrally clamping vise is already mounted on the interchangeable pallet.


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