Fixtures with a frame design have an advantage compared with column-based fixtures, especially in the case of elaborate measuring processes.  This is because the workpiece is fixed to a metal frame resting on only four columns in this design. In contrast to this, each individual element for fastening the workpiece normally stands on its own column in conventional fixtures. The consequence of this procedure is obvious: A dense group of columns on the underside of the workpiece! 

The more columns, the less accessible the workpiece for the measuring styli, both in horizontal and vertical clamping situations. But penetrating the maze of columns does not only cost measuring time. The complex travel path of the measuring stylus must also be elaborately programmed beforehand. On the other hand, the frame design means that the workpiece is easily accessible from all sides. It therefore accelerates the programming of the measuring programs and reduces the measurement times. 

Another advantage of the frame system: Similar fixtures can be easily designed for different workpiece variants, because the clamping principle, the base plate and the four columns remain unchanged. The resulting relatively standardized fixtures also give the user the opportunity to standardize stylus systems and measuring programs to a high degree and therefore be able to use them more quickly. 



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