F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions


Q1: I only want to see products in the shop that are usable with the machines I have. How can I do that?


Using the function "My Machines" you can tell the shop which machines and heads you are using. This will filter all results to products that are relevant for your choices.

Please choose a machine type first and then heads. Your choice of heads will prefill relevant threads as well but you can further specify those now and set additional thread sizes.

If you are logged into the shop, we'll save your choices for future visits. You can delete your selection by clicking the dust bin at the lower right corner of the function screen. If the filter is active, we'll tell you by highlighting the function in blue from now on.


Q2: How can I search for products using keywords?


To search the whole shop for products containing a certain keyword, please click into the search box and simply start typing. While you do so, the shop will show you a choice of results below the box that you can click at any time.

If you press return instead after you have finished typing, you will be shown a list of all relevant products containing your search term. Please notice that the results may contain only products relevant to the machines you have specified!


Q3: How can I shorten the list of product results in a category to show fewer items?


As soon as you browse a category that contains products, the shop will show you a list of all the products in that category. Depending on the category this list will be very long which is why we included a detail filter function above every list.

You can specify filter criteria one by one and the shop will then shorten the list accordingly. You may select criteria from dropdown lists, by input into value fields or using sliders. The criteria are applied automatically and can be deleted by clicking the button "Reset" at the very right of the filter bar.


Q4: The shop is not shown correctly or fast enough in my browser. How can I change this?

The shop works best when viewed in the following browers and has been thoroughly tested with them:

  • Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6 and higher)
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (version 8 and higher)

Please always try to use the latest version of your browser. Especially Internet Explorer 9 offers a much better performance than older versions. Futhermore, please make sure that the compatibility view for older versions is deactivated in your Internet Explorer. This configuration setting can be found in the "Tools" menu to the right of the browser tabs.


Q5: What is a pre-paid budget and which advantages does it offer me?

A budget is a payment type in the form of a pre-paid voucher. The sum of the voucher is available to you to debit and in doing so collect a discount on your purchase. You can order a pre-paid budget in the shop at any time.


Q6: Can I use a pre-paid budget immediately after ordering it as a payment type?

The use of a pre-paid budget requires the transfer of funds into our account. As soon as the invoice is processed, the budget is released and will be available for your product orders.


Q7: Can I use a pre-paid budget to purchase another pre-paid budget?

Budgets themselves aren't discountable. Therefore they cannot be used to purchase additional budgets.


Q8: Is there a way to fill my shopping cart with the contents of a CSV file?

Automatically fill the shopping cart with products from a CSV file using one of the following formats:

  • Item No; Quantity (Example: 600342-8021-000; 3)
  • "Item No.";"Product";"Quantity";"Unit price" (Example: "600342-8021-000";"Stylus with thread, M5";"3";"26")

The second format is that used for the CSV file you receive when using the CSV export function of the shopping cart. Please note that the price will be overwritten by the current price listed in the shop.

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